More To The Artwork On “Sleigh Bells” Recent Album “Reign Of Terror” Than Meets The Eye

It’s a relief to know that sometimes real thought and heart can be seen in album work, granted I probably would’ve thought that the recent collage of photos on Sleigh Bells recent album REIGN OF TERROR was a bunch of random hipster shit. But this PITCHFORK interview with Sleigh Bell‘s guitarist Derrick Miller, got me thinking otherwise. This is what he had to say about the front cover image of lead singers Alexis Krauss’s bloody Keds.

Derek Miller: Yes. And some of that blood is real– I’m not gonna lie, we doctored it up. But I cracked her over the head with my guitar at a show, and we held onto the shoes. If Keds are a symbol of youth and purity, having them tainted can be seen as a loss of innocence; a lot of life has happened to me in a very, very short period of time. And the shoes are a reflection of Alexis as well. She wears Keds every night on stage. It’s a ritual. So I feel like we’re both present in that cover. Aside from all that, it also just works as a striking, bad-ass image.

Indeed Derrick…indeed.

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