And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I remember watching reruns of Dark Shadows on t.v. a long time ago. If memory serves me right (Iron Chef Japan) it was on Nick At Night or TV Land. I really couldn’t get into it cause it just wreaked of that slow BBC-esque juice that a child of 16 would’ve not been able to handle. Now fast forward almost three decades and Tim Burton has turned it into a 2012 version of Death Becomes Her and if it’s not careful the film could suffer the same fate as it’s predecessor. Today Tim released the first  trailer in what I’m sure will be several trailers that will have been worked and reworked to corner a demographic they have yet to put a finger on. I’ve always said Tim does better when he’s original, but that MoFo never listens to me. Edward Scissorhands,Beetlejuice all great films and then there’s the remakes Alice In Wonderland, Willy Wonka,Planet Of The Apes and now this. Let me stop. The trailer is fun, but almost to a fault.