Good lord. When Ridley decided to return to science fiction I remember thinking that he was going to go all old school and keep a lot of the feel of the first (meaning not so much cgi), but seeing this new trailer I realize he’s doing the opposite. Listen, what I’m saying is he’s managed to place his mindset in ALIEN, within the space of now. Kind of like what George Lucas attempted to with “Phantom Menace“, only Ridley is seemingly displaying an amazing amount of control over the imagery. Not veering to far outside of the look and feel of the first film. This gives me hope. That level of loneliness he brought us in “ALIEN” pours out of this latest trailer, cause lets be honest isn’t loneliness what the first film was all about? Remember the tag line “In space no one can hear you scream”. Enjoy the new trailer for Prometheus starring Charlize Theron (Monster), Michael Fassebender(X-Men: First Class),Noomie Repace (Sherlock Holmes:Game Of Shadows), Idris Elba(THOR) and Guy Pearce (Momento) I’m sweating as I type these names by the way.

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