So here we are in the decade of remakes both of old eighties films and fairytales, but sometimes you must give in to the retelling of a classic like Snow White. I mean let’s be honest, most of you had never even heard of the “huntsman” up until now. You have “Walt” to thank for that. Ever since Disney got a hold of a lot of our beloved tales there has been a lot of raping going on. The creators of most of our beloved fairy tales The Brothers Grim had much more sinister ideas in mind when they wrote these stories. Think of Aesop’s Fables on meth. They were filled with murder, innuendo and cannibalism. So I don’t mind a retelling, cause a retelling may be just what the doctor ordered in this age of watered down bullshit. That aside, this trailer looks amazing! From the cgi to the acting, it all looks just about flawless and might even be a good time to be had at the cinema. Snow White  and The Huntsman stars Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Charlize Theron (PROMETHEUS) and Chris Hemsworth (THOR). The movie arrives at theaters June 1st.

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