Robert Pattinson (Twilight,Water For Elephants) has teamed up with legendary director David Cronenberg (Videodrome,History Of Violence) to bring us, what just looking at the trailer, I can only describe as a  visual feast. Sex and violence and what appears to be a hundred foot honey badger in the middle of a busy street. For Robert, this marks the ninth film he’s done since starting the Twilight series and my respect for his acting decisions grow with each one. I mean the guy pushes himself, even before Twilight, he starred in a small indie film called Little Ashes, playing none other than the maestro himself Salvador Dali. As for Cronenberg, what’s not to like? He’s one of a few true noir/ science-fiction/ horror, directors still left on the planet. Always groundbreaking, relevant and controversial and kudos’ to any actor willing to buy a ticket on his ride. This movie looks like a thrill.


David Cronenberg, please reprise your role as Dr. Phillip K. Decker in Nightbreed. I miss that button-eyed freak!

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