Probably the only director I felt would have been up to the task of turning AKIRA into a live action film was Ruairi Robinson. This was solidified after watching his short film Silent City and his latest psycho robot short BLINKY starring Max Records (Where The Wild Things Are). Hollywood just doesn’t seem to want this man to spread his wings, but I have a feeling this won’t slow him down, judging by his recent projects. Below are some storyboards/concept art via@ Collider, from when Ruairi was set to direct AKIRA, which I like to affectionately call the New Watchmen (just because Hollywood thought that The Watchmen was an un-filmable film). Someone will make this movie, I’m pretty confident about that, but it will never be done right as long as Hollywood holds the keys, evidence in the decision to make Neo-Tokyo Neo Manhattan and all the characters American and with that I am going to bed. Gonna catch The Hunger Games early tomorrow.

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