I’ve been talking about these cats from Canada for quite sometime, back when your humble narrator was still with Tumblr. They take a conscious approach to blending real Native American recordings with dope beats. Having become a fan of ATCR since 2010, I respect these cats more and more, not only for bringing America’s people to the public, but not being corny about it.They call what they do Pow Wow Step, in it they blend everything from traditional music to some of the less traditional and obliviously anti-Native American movie samples and mix it all together with bass drops and semi dub step beats. I remember when I first listened to them and they took a sample from BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 in which Marty says “Hey doc if we take the Deloreon up to 80 where gonna run into that group of indians. The Doc responds: “Marty your not thinking inter-deminsionally this is the 1800’s when you arrive in 1985 those indians won’t even be there.” How profound and thus began my love affair with this band. So it is a great honor to announce that they have a new album online and it’s free. Don’t mean you gotta rape them, but you may want to donate to the cause since these brother’s put in work to bring you the jams.

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I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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