What I can say is that the arch isn’t original, but it is Sacha Cohen, so it should be good? In this latest trailer for The Dictator  Cohen/The Dictator of  The Republic Of Wadiya comes to America (did I say he’s Coming To America, how did that happen?), the trip takes a hard turn when he’s stripped of everything and is forced into the role of a commoner. Course theirs always a cute samaritan girl/butt of every joke, who’s played by none other than The House Bunny herself Anna FarisThe trailer is a little lopsided in that it implies just because his beard is taken from him by John C. Reilly, that no one will recognize him. You need a 3 ton crane to suspend that kind of disbelief. The trailer goes on to show us all the usual trials and tribulation of a once wealthy ruler turned pauper…wadda wadda wadda. I hope it’s good, I need to laugh….watch the trailer.

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