Watching this trailer, it saddens me to the core that I won’t be able to attend the Con this year. I just have way too much on my plate. I did however go for the first time last year with my director friend Kevin Phipps and had a blast. I saw so many crazy sites and met so many wonderful people just in the half hour I stepped onto the convention floor, that I was exhausted. Word to the wise “have a fucking plan when you go” cause you will get caught up so quick you’ll forget about all the other stuff you really wanted to see. That being said I’m kind of excited to see this trailer for the new documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and notice how I say “kind of”. One thing I know about Morgan is that he tends to put his quirky spin on things, so my hopes is that he doesn’t try to belittle in anyway the fans by making them out to be social deviants. I know a lot of the people in this documentary and they are all just like you and me. Fandom is huge nowadays and has grabbed a hold of so many high profile people. Adrian Curry (America’s Next Top Model), Olivia Munn (Attack Of The Show) and Selma Blair (Hellyboy). Okay so I mentioned all girls, but there’s a method here. I use these examples because they aren’t your conventional fanboys. Up until now all we’ve ever seen are the boys and what I’m saying is that in this new age the girls are big into this scene and they are not ashamed. If nothing else I think this film will open up and hopefully break down a lot of stereotypes regarding Comic Con. If you haven’t been to the Con already I suggest you go just remember what I told you above and bring food don’t buy (too expensive) and get there early to find parking on the street and with that I send you on your way and “May The Force Be With You...Always”! P.S I’ve included some images of my own at Comic Con 2011 and yes that’s me with Andy Serkis (King Kong, Gollum, Cesear)

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