Andreas Nilsson (no relation to Henry Nilsson, although that would be EPIC!!) is a true visionary of the 21st century. It won’t be long til we are seeing Hollywood features by this talented director. One might even say he’s the new Alejandro Jordorowsky…gasp!! But seriously, just take a look at this man’s body of work and if you’ve seen an Alejandro film you will get the connection right away. The man creates in metaphors, but in keeping with the Alejandro theme, there’s always a half naked man running around with a Jesus complex in most of his films. In this latest video for Van She , (off their fourth coming album out on Modular July 6th) we  follow another naked man who travels to  a basement party, in an unknown town, filled with a host of the most unmatched people in the world. Yes it’s weird, but original. Clearly pushing ideas, but why not?  His video’s are fun and he obviously works with people he likes. Among his list of clients Fever Ray, Miike Snow, Mgmt, Royksopp, Peter Bjorn and John, Yeasayer and Jose Gonzalez….damn! Enjoy!