It goes without saying that Vegas for the most part is a pretty cheesy place. Sure there are clubs and gambling and bars and let’s not forget the shows…oooooo! But when alls said and done, there’s really not a whole lot to do there. At least that’s what I felt on my first trip to Vegas back in 2005. So when I learned about the attraction The Star Trek Experience at The Hilton hotel, way the fuck down on the total opposite end of the strip, you knew I was going to drag my woman down there to peep it (like the geek that I am) and like the good fiancé she humored the shit out of me. The attraction was filled with Borgs, Klingon’s, Federation people etc. They even had a gift shop that sold Romulan Ale, how cool is that? TSTE was a geeks wet dream and in corporation with it’s builders Cedar Fair Entertainment Company it enjoyed a good run until 2008 when it was decommisioned due to lack of attendance. Poppycock! That’s just a brief history, but what I didn’t know was originally there was to be a life size Enterprise right where Fremont street is now. This story I found via  talks about the ship that never was. Apparently in 1992 Vegas was in dire need of business and someone came to the table with this idea to build a life size U.S.S Enterprise (of course! and why not?) For the most part everyone including most of the exec’s at Paramount were all on board, but then there’s this guy named Stanley Jaffe (COO of Paramount Communications) a.k.a “the man with no vision”. He put a stop to those plans and thus the ideas of a Star trek pilgrimage to our Mecca was snuffed out like Natasha Yar. You can read more about this insanity at io9. Below are some of the semantics. This would’ve been amazing!!

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