Riding on the seventies glam-rock opera wave was this little gem by Brian Depalma (Scarface, Untouchables) Phantom Of The Paradise starring, William Finley (The Black Dahlia). The story is a “stardust” retelling of the classic Gaston Leroux novel about a disfigured and jaded composer who haunts a opera house and about one young starlet who becomes his tool and obsession to get back at the world that has shunned him. I remember seeing the silver mask the phantom wears in this film, awhile back, but never having a movie to remember it by and now I do thanks to Old Film Flickster on Tumblr. It was kind of like returning to my childhood when I saw this image. Don’t know why images of Marilyn Manson’s face pop into my head every time I see the Phantom, but I digress. I have yet to watch the film, but I intend to…with a nice bottle of Cabernet. Enjoy!

Checkout production stills and outtakes from this film at THE SWAN ARCHIVESThanks Yep for this info!!