Boy oh boy… I do love me some good and twisted science fiction and so far this trailer for Shuffle directed by Kurt Kuenne (Dear Zachery) and starring TJ Thyne (Validation and Bones) is delivering on all levels. This Memento-esque story tells the tale of a man who must figure out why he’s been waking up every morning  a different age. In his quest he comes across people who seem to know why it’s happening and they in turn give him clues how to stop it. The movie is filmed in black and white (thrilled!). Nothing tells a movie buff to “take my film seriously” more than filming it in black and white. By the way, I haven’t seen The Artist yet, but I wanna say that that movie is the exception seeing as how it beat out some amazing films for best picture ( it just couldn’t have been that good). You can find out more about Shuffle along with all it’s festival laurels at their homepage