I never believed in a bucket list. I’m predisposed to believing I will in fact live forever, but if I did have a bucket list it would start off like this …

1. Sit down with the remaining members of The Beatles for tea.

2. Meet the Dalai Lama

3. Own the bike from AKIRA and the light cycle from TRON LEGACY….aaannnnddd were done.

So it is with tearful eyes that I show you all the physical manifestations of my lives hopes and dreams. Behold…Keneda’s bike from AKIRA. Anyone familiar with AKIRA and the goings on in Neo Tokyo know that this is and always will be the bike of all bikes. I mean the thing literally drove Tetsuo to becoming an 80 story glob of flesh that decimated the city of Neo Tokyo…now that’s a powerful bike. I read about this beauty today on via Kotaku and had to share it with you guys. It’s creator and Akira fan, Masashi Teshima, spent seven years and 121,000.00 bringing his boyhood dream to life and now that he has it, he’s using it to spread joy and raise money for disaster relief and autism awareness in Japan. The bike has been officially recognized by AKIRA creator Katsuhiro Otomo (that’s an amazing compliment) and is currently touring across Japan til he arrives in Tokyo for an exhibit in Otomo’s honor. Feel free to drool…oh and for good measure I put in footage of the life size TRON LEGACY bike after the jump.

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I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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