Guillermo Del Toro’s Epic Monster Movie Transforms Downtown Toronto Into A Wartorn Japan

The details surrounding the plot of Guillermo Del Toro’s latest project Pacific Rim are still hazy, but that’s good. There’s too much leakage happening online nowadays and a little anonymity can’t hurt. It makes images like the ones I posted after the jump even more exciting. The footage comes from a Toronto news team who got some exclusives on the set on Pacific Rim starring Idris Elba. Apparently Del Toro is using the streets of downtown Toronto as a backdrop for a war torn Tokyo. Not much spoilage there…not like the slew of images that spilled out of the Nolan camp about The Dark Knight Rises…geez. Below I have included a synopsis of the film along with a link to the local news cast that reported it that features the footage from the set.
courtesy of QuietEarth.US.

I want to apologize ahead of time for sending you to another website, but I wasn’t able to embed this video despite all my efforts.

Synopsis: When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace.

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