I stumbled upon the illustrations of Kim Herbst while surfing Tumblr yesterday and was blown away by her use of line and color. I’m a huge fan of dark lines that are reminiscent in Japanese wood block paintings and later in the works of Alphonse Mucha and Vincent Van Gogh. Deep line work is the basis for all animation and graphic illustrations. I think heavy outlines is a testament to how strong an artist is and Kim wields this style like a pro. Kim Herbst graduated from the Maryland Institute College Of Art after which she went on to Brooklyn, NY where she lived until moving to California. According to her website she is half Chinese and grew up with a pair of stone lions in her living room (oh metaphors). The subject of most her work involves such a wide variety including anime, gaming, science fiction, abstract, modern and the list goes on and on. Her pen is free and she is nowhere close to slapping a leash on it. I trust we will be seeing more of her work in the years and months to come. I encourage you all to checkout her out.

Kim Herbst Facebook

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