Okay that’s a huge title and I did doll it up a bit, but the trailer for the new Star Trek video game is pretty immense, but I have seen immense trailers before that fizzled when it came to gameplay. posted some of the concept art and trailer for the new game which according to J.J. Abrams will tie in to the second movie. According to Roberto Orci part of the writing team Alex Kurtzman and Orci who wrote (Star Trek and FRINGE) he says that It’s going to be a story that fits into our movies, and fits into between the first two movies.  We would not allow a game to go out if it was not somehow a part of the continuity.What’s great about the game is that it gets to show that middle step. You get to see Kirk and Spock in a way you’re not going to in the movie. They’re becoming friends; they’re going on adventures you’re not going to see in the movies. The game is giving you new insight into who they are.  We want to make sure that in a way the game is its own movie. I don’t want to give away who the villains are, but the people in the game might be people who end up in the movie. I like to think of the game as a movie we’ve might have done. We treat the game with the same respect. I can say that the villains are very much in canon.”

The game arrives next year for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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