We still have a little while til Prometheus opens in theaters on June 8th, but as luck would have it…alright maybe not luck, but tons of money, we’ve got countless viral websites and promotions for the film. The first is the Weyland Industries site and awhile back we got a TED Talk speech by Weyland himself played by none other than Guy Pearce. The latest in Ridley’s arsenal of marketing is a commercial for Weyland’s most advanced robot David played by Michael FassbenderThis robot has it all, it will even do the job that some human’s might find “distressing” or “unethical” dum dum dummmmmm (spoiler?) The robots in Ridley Scott’s (Black Hawk Down,Blade Runner) Alien franchise has always had a likability, but then they would change. Bishop (Aliens) was my favorite droid. You just didn’t know what to think until the end in which he became Ripley’s (who lost her trust for droids in the first film) best friend. My gut tells me that David might teeter between likability and uneasiness. I say this because we haven’t had a creepy droid since Ash played by Ian Holm in the original. Tell me what you think after you’ve checked out the video.

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