I saw on Pitchfork today that last month Radiohead performed on Austin City Limits a performance by the way won’t be airing until next month. That being said I love leakage, I kid…I’m a kidder. Watch as Thome and the boys perform a new song Lotus Flower, off their new album The King Of Limbs.

I hadn’t heard anything about Radiohead giving away this album like they did with In Rainbows, but I did manage to find out some goodies.

According to The New York Times:

unlike its last album, “In Rainbows,” for which Radiohead allowed online customers to pay what they wished (if they wished to pay anything at all), “The King of Limbs” will not be sold at such flexible prices. On its Web site for the new album,, the band said a digital version can be bought in advance for $9 (for MP3 format) or $14 (for WAV format).

Radiohead is also offering what it calls a “newspaper album” release of “The King of Limbs” (a metaphor that was lost on at least one newspaper employee) which includes two 10-inch vinyl records and a CD, as well as “many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-color piece of oxo-degradable plastic to hold it all together.” This release is sold for $48 (for MP3 digital files) or $53 (for WAV), and will be shipped on May 9, the band said.

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