This high concept World War Z-esque trailer for Zombie Massacre would have given me nightmares years ago, but now that I’m old enough to know that Zombies are not real…okay this trailer is crazy and will scare you shitless. This is some of the best make-up/cgi I have ever seen in a horror film. I’m guessing this strain and you will see what I’m talking about after the jump, turns human beings into the walking dead (oops!) with a mouth full of teeth like nutriaI don’t guess the zombies will veer too far off from the look of the one in this trailer, but what I do know is this strain is airborne and works real fast so unless folks outside of the armed ones in this film, know this and have gas mask, consider the Earth Zombified. It’s definitely the feel good film of the year or a close contender. This film is directed by the Italian team Luca Boni and Marco Ristori (Eaters). Zombie Massacre is still production, but should be out later this year.

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