The art of the title sequence is a time honored craft that has only just started to get get recognized. I blame Hollywood, but I digress. Let’s just start with the one title sequence that kinda elevated the artisans behind this skill to rockstar status. The opening titles for David Fincher’s SE7EN (yeah I did it) done by Kyle CooperThis man’s work on Seven is unprecedented. I don’t think there’s anyone out there that can say that the film would’ve been the same without that opening sequence. He single handedly set up the sick and sadistic mood of the entire film  in the opening titles. He is a true artist. Getting back to this post, PBS together with their OFF BOOK series, took some of these industries wizards and asked them why they do it and who inspires them. Some of the answers I expected and some I was surprised by and made me want to do some research. I know most of you who are reading this  can appreciate the time that goes into the title credits so this ones for you. Oh and if you like, there is a website dedicated to this art called The Art Of The Title sequence, it features some of the best title sequences along with their creators. Some you may recognize and some you may not, but they are all stunning! Enjoy.

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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