Some of you may remember these t.v. shows and some of you won’t, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be scouring Amazon right now for these shows on whatever platform that’s available to you. Thier classics damn you! What you see before you is pure in it’s naivety to the laws of physics and stock footage, but I loved it as a kid. The Hulk, Thor (who by the way didn’t have a show…he was just featured on an episode of the Hulk) if memory serves me right. Captain America, back when he had a groovy perv van. As for Iron Man and the Black widow , well I think those were taken from some random t.v. show and last, but not least, Hawkeye Pierce from M.A.S.H who plays Hawkeye in the seventies version of…well you know. Lazy casting, but funny nonetheless…enjoy! Oh the memories.