Seems Florence and The Machine has once again lended her vocal prowess to another movie. Lets just hope this one isn’t as bad as Eat Pray Love. I’ll admit, that just for a moment I was going to pay 15 dollars to see Julia conquer India and it was all because FATM (it was a brief moment). This new track for Snow White and The Huntsman directed by a really really first timer Rupert Sanders (check his imdb…I have more credits than this guy) and starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth fits the aesthetic more than you could ever know. Truly an epic song that paints pictures as you listen to it. I hope more talented artist will began leaking what they’ve been working on for this film cause if this track is indicative of what’s to come…soundtrack bought! Snow White and The Huntsman arrives in theaters June 1st.