We’ve all been waiting for Soundgarden to get back together and I guess if there had to be a cause to do it it would have to be The Avengers soundtrack. What says bad ass more than the vocal stylings of Chris Cornell or Kim Thayill’s lead guitar, the answer… nothing. These guys have been writing hard and thought provoking rock since the eighties. Albums like Louder Than Love, Bad Motorfinger, SuperUnknown and Down on the Upside are must haves for fans of alternative rock. Even when they weren’t together they all stayed busy with other projects. We all know about Chris’s other endeavors Audioslave which had a remarkable run, but never really hit the spot for me and then there was Scream the Cornell/Timbaland collaboration. Ouch! Which by the way I don’t know how it ever got released judging by the chemistry in the studio, checkout this weird interview with Tim and Chris here. Getting back on topic, Kim started playing a little with The Dead Kennedy’s, Matt Cameron the bands drummer lent his skin beating prowess to some heavy hitters in the rock industry Smashing Pumpkin’s, Geddy Lee and Pearl Jam. The bassist Ben Shepard played bass on Tony Iommi’s album in 2000. So yes they stayed busy and that speaks volumes as far as their musicianship goes. Don’t know if an album is actually in the works but you can pick up their greatest hits here.

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