If there’s isn’t enough in the title of this blog to get “most” of us reaching in or pockets for whatever scraps we have left to make this happen, you are dead to the world. Folks, if you’ve never seen Holy Mountain, El Topo or Sante Sangre you should do yourself a favor right now and watch them. Alejandro Jodorowsky is the genius director behind those films. His film El Topo (which was funded by John Lennon) gained great acclaim in the states back in the 70’s. His use of imagery is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The man speaks in metaphors and urges all who will watch and follow to reach deep within themselves to take what they can from his message. Incidentally before David Lynch was set to direct the 1986 science fiction movie DUNE based on the Frank Herbert novel, Alejandro Jordorowsky was Hollywoods pick, but his vision never came to fruition. I lie awake at night thinking about what that film would’ve looked like and cry myself to sleep some nights. Long story short this amazing director needs your help to fund his next film based on his autobiographical novel entitled La Danza De La Realidad. He’s put together a youtube video and website to campaign for this film.

Here’s Jodorowsky’s explanation: “…Active imagination is the key to a broad vision: it enables to focus on life from angles that are not ours, imagining other levels of higher conscience…”

The movie project called “La Danza de la Realidad” is based on the first part of its imaginary autobiography (book of the same name). “Imaginary” is used here not in the sense of “fictitious,” because all the characters, places, and events are true, but in the sense that the underlying story of his life is a constant effort to expand imagination and broaden its limits, in order to apprehend it in its therapeutic and transforming potential.

Thus, the production will show his experiences during the first years of his life in Tocopilla, a small town in northern Chile.

The director explains the project like this:  “We are going to place Tocopilla in orbit around the world. I say it very humbly: the world will be paying attention to La Danza de la Realidad.”

This dossier will discuss the different factors that make this a unique opportunity, highlighting its true cultural potential. Our objective is, therefore, to present its key aspects so that your participation in this project is the result of an informed and willing decision.

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I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.


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