I don’t know too much about this movie and who are the creative heads behind it, but I managed to find a website and Vimeo page which technically speaking should hold you over until we know more. The lines are amazing clean as is the color. Don’t know if this piece was done in the states or abroad, but the work reminds me a lot of the work of Peter Chung (Aeon Flux, The Animatrix). Can’t find a release date right now, but you know I’ll keep ya posted.


Set in the year 2019, PostHuman follows Terrence and his dog Nine in an adrenalized world of espionage, assassins, and out of control super science.

Terrence agrees to help Kali, an escaped test subject from a black ops ESP test lab, in her plan to free the last surviving imprisoned test subject before he is tested to termination.

The assault on the lab is fast paced and intense as Terrence uses every hacker trick he knows in an effort to destroy the base’s defenses and give Kali the opportunity to free her tortured lab mate, Benjamin.

Gritty, hyperstylized, and dripping with intense images, PostHuman is NSFW, for children, or adults with no sense of adventure.

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