Night Of 1,000 Wolves written by Bobby Curnow and illustrated by  Dave Wachter. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you good horror, be it films or books, never let’s you rest. The point is to immerse you in the despair, pain and terror the character’s are experiencing and the quicker the better. Bobby Curnow (Battle Beast) and Dave Wachter (The Guns of Shadow Valley) have put together a dismal Eater’s of The Dead-esque story of survival in an age of darkness. (Spoiler’s) The story follows a man (Harrick) and his wife (Sophia) and son (Rary) as they do battle against a horde of wolves, whom already claimed their youngest daughter (Brinn). We learn of the origins of the beast through Tine (Sophia’s crotchedy father) who foretold this onslaught and who’s ultimately kicked out of his daughters home for constantly fighting with her husband. While burying Brinn, Rary recounts a story Tine told to him about a spirit (Nagbre) who used to rule over the wolves of the forest (Malvents) until man came. The story goes on to explain how man destroyed the Malvent’s in order to protect their livestock and how Nagbre gave birth to a terrifying beast soon after. The story ends with the family’s home surrounded by the wolves and them having to go out and fight them in order to reach safety. At the end we get a glimpse of this bipedal wolf devouring the families livestock. I’m guessing this is the bastard beast spawn of Nagbre. Immediately you feel the loneliness of this family having to deal with this level of violence so far away from everything. The chaos of loosing your daughter and not having the time to properly grieve given the circumstance will give you reason to pause while reading. What I really like is the family dynamic and how despite all the bullshit, Tine is incapable of getting along with his son in law. Speaks volumes to me, having just got married, but I digress. The severity of this story warranted art that could deliver that level of gloom and Dave Wachter’s illustrations do just that. His use of line gives it the hardness while his use of color and bold strokes creates an element of whimsy and Grim-like horror. This book is a must read for fantasy fan’s as well as (dare I say it) fan’s of Werewolves.-Review by JNL

TRIO created, written and drawn by John Byrne (The Avengers,X-Men and Batman). Now here’s some old school fun from one of the most beloved artist in the comic biz. Following in the vein of Fantastic Four comes TRIO (appropriately named) about three people named One, Two and Three, with amazing abilities. One, is a woman who’s made of a thin hard paper like material. Two, is a man who can turn his limbs and body into razor sharp knives and Three, is a boy, whom when in mutant form, is a man made of rock. You get where I’m going…rock,paper,scissors? I didn’t come up with that, a reporter in issue one did. Great idea, don’t you think? (Spoilers) when we catch up with the three, they are busy trying to thwart a bank robbery with the skills that have been given to them when suddenly BOOM! A bomb goes off that severely wounds One. Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away a whaling boat and it’s crew have just been slaughtered by vicious Mer-people hellbent on the destruction of humankind…”say what now?”(classic line in the comic). The party goes from the ocean to our shores bringing with it a sinister Leviathan led by the unscrupulous leader of the Mer-folk. Guys and gals this is just pure fun! Everything comics where about when we were kiddies. Hero’s with flaws and super abilities. The art work is perfect for a comic book of this caliber. Bright colors, bubble speak and discernible panels that the average newcomer or loyal comic book fan can follow. The character’s are all likeable and seem to have checkered past. All in all a great read. Have I said too much…I don’t think so, cause that’s about all I got from this first amazing issue ,so that’s all your gonna get. PEACE!

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