Earlier last week we got the chance to see the premier episode of Disney XD’s TRON:UPRISING before anyone else. Now were getting another taste, boys and girls, of what went into making this visually stunning animated series. TRON is the brain child of Steve Lisenberger who along with Disney created the first movie back in 1982. It starred Bruce Boxleitner(TRON) and Jeff Bridges (FLYNN). Flash forward several years later and Disney releases the follow up to the original film in 2010 called TRON:LEGACY directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Jeff Bridges, Garret Hedlund as Sam (Fylnn’s son). Legacy takes place several years after TRON and Flynn has disappeared leaving his son without a father and a company (ENCOM) without a leader. What no one know’s is that Flynn has been on the grid all this time fixing a world he created with a computer version of himself (CLU) whom he hoped would take over so he could return to the real world. No such thing, CLU had ideas of his own and placed the GRID on lock down and reintroduced the games (Gladiator style sports to the death). There’s a wonderful graphic novel that details CLU’S rise to power and brilliantly sets up the TRON:LEGACY film called TRON:BETRAYAL written by Jai Nitz and illustrated by Jeff Matsuda and Andie TongWhat’s a little confusing is that in Legacy Tron isn’t dead, but is actually in Clu’s employ working as a hit man. Then you have TRON: UPRISING directed by Sean Bailey and Charlie Bean and written by Edward Kitsis (LOST) and Adam Horowitz (no not Ad Rock). In this TRON is believed to be dead (killed by Clu) but isn’t. Instead he’s in exile at an unknown location on the Grid (kind of like Flynn’s character in LEGACY). Here comes our hero BECK voiced by Elijah Wood ,who decides that Clu’s reign must end and the only way to do that is to take on TRON’S persona and fight back. This sets in motion a series of event’s, one of which is BECK’S meeting with the real TRON and the passing of the torch to BECK. I’m really hoping the stories will tie in to each other other wise there could be some confusion.

Now let’s talk about the animation in this series. WOW! WOW! WOW! The visuals are nothing short of biblical. The artist (most of which worked on TRON LEGACY) must’ve had a ball coming up with the concepts for this series. There are ideas in this show that could’ve easily have been in the last movie. I wish I knew who too give most of the credit to, but I’m imaging a whole host of talented individuals were responsible for this masterpiece. This will be, if nothing else, pure eye candy and a marketing field day for the mouse. I’m already planning to own this one on Blu Ray. Below I’ve posted the featurette along with the first episode. Please watch this series and buy the graphic novel!!

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