During the Golden Age Of Comics a series emerged onto the scene that delivered ghouls and ghost and unspeakable terrors. Adventures Into The Unknown was released back in 1948 by American Comics Group a company owned by Fred Iger who was also co owner of National Periodical Publications , also known as DC Comics. In 1954 many titles like these, that contained stories of a graphic nature, came under indictment which later prompted the comic book industry to instill a comics code authority (a set of regulations that comic book companies had to adhere to or discontinue their titles). Remarkably, Adventures Into The Unknown came out unscathed during all the hoopla and enjoyed a successful run of 174 issues before closing shop in 1964. Several years later a Canadian entrepreneur Richard Boughton “bought” up several ACG titles “Herbie Popnecker and Adventures…” being some of them. He later licensed those titles to DARK HORSE COMICS who now have begun redistributing the series.
I’m not going to lie, it’s only been through my research of this series that i even knew a subcommittee against questionable comics existed. This issue is very tame by today standards. Some writers could stand to learn from the simple plot arch in comic books such as these. This first volume is a masterpiece of nostalgia. Although I admit the monster in this issue (The Living Ghost) written by Edvard Moritz, King Ward and Mac Elkan, is crazy violent, but he fails in comparison to the monster that is misogyny that our heroin “Gail Leslie” must deal with. I can’t tell if the writer’s intention was to make her look good or bad, but nonetheless it’s political incorrectness is laughable.The art done by Edvard Moritz and King Ward is good in that it does it’s best to scare in that fifties sort of way and reminds me a lot of something i might have found in the funnies when I was a ywet (My Cousin Vinny) or in Stephen King’s Creepshow. Regardless, i had a blast reading this piece of history. It’s a pleasant departure from the usual high gloss of today’s titles. Adventure Into The Unknown Archives Volume One releases on May 30th, but you can pre-order your copy from DARK HORSE here.

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