A couple of month’s ago I had the honor of working on UAT’s  (The University of Advancing Technology) latest cgi endeavor “RED SAND” directed by Caleb Evans and produced by Paul DeNigris,who incidentally heads up the VFX Dept at UAT and worked on all the visual effects in this film, with the help of his students of course. The story takes place in the MASS EFFECT universe, but years before the current timeline.

Serving as a prequel to the MASS EFFECT game series,”Red Sand” is set 35 years before the time of Commander Shepard and tells the story of the discovery of ancient ruins on Mars. Left behind by the mysterious alien race known as the Protheans, the ruins are a treasure trove of advanced technology and the powerful Element Zero, an energy source beyond humanity’s wildest dreams. As the Alliance research team led by Dr. Averroes (Ayman Samman) seeks to unlock the secrets of the ruins, a band of marauders living in the deserts of Mars wants the ruins for themselves. Addicted to refined Element Zero in the form of a narcotic nicknamed “Red Sand” which gives them telekinetic “biotic” powers, these desert-dwelling terrorists will stop at nothing to control the ruins and the rich vein of Element Zero at its core. Standing between them and their goal are Colonel Jon Grissom (Mark Meer), Colonel Lily Sandhurst (Amy Searcy), and a team of Alliance soldiers tasked with defending the ruins at all costs. At stake – the future of humanity’s exploration of the galaxy, and the set up for the MASS EFFECT storyline loved by millions of gamers worldwide.

What’s cool about the student’s of UAT, who created this film, is that not only are they students, but most of them are gamers and fans of MASS EFFECT, so you know this storyline is in good hands.They even went as far as enlisting the help of Mark Meer, who did the voice work on MASS EFFECT 2007 and it’s sequels 2 and 3. He voiced the male version of the character player Commander Shepard. I played “Hido” a member of  “Colonel Lily Sandhurst’s” (Amy Searcy), infantry (the negro to the right of her chewing gum). This was the first time I worked with green screen and now that I have, there’s a new appreciation for actors in Hollywood. Creating something out of nothing is no easy task, but I hope I did well. I know everyone else did. I hope to have the full length film on MITNG soon, but until then here’s a little something to hold you guys over. If you have time check out RED SAND’s Facebook and Twitter page and let them now Jeffrey from MITNG sent you. PEACE!

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