There could be several reasons why someone would need a Kickstarter project, but when you read and see something this good you wonder why people aren’t throwing money at them to get this out, oh wait… people did…never mind. Getting back to my point, in talking with loads of indie writers and illustrators the answer is always the same…”to retain power over their work” and that makes total sense. Writer Brain Buccellato and illustrator Noel Tuazon have a gem in FOSTER, Distributed by Dog Year, and I’d sure hate to see their vision compromised by cooperate b.s. This is pure in every way. A real dark horror story that dabbles with science fiction  and morality tales in such a visceral landscape that it would make any lover of dark horror/sci-fi sing like a cherub!!

FOSTER, a haunted war veteran trying to forget the world at the bottom of a bottle, becomes the guardian of a 6 YEAR-OLD BOY who is the offspring of a woman and a PRIMAL RACE OF SUPERNATURAL CREATURES that lurk on the fringes of society and need him to repopulate. In a world where technology is stuck in the analog ’70s and danger lurks around every corner, three rival factions want the half-breed child. Now Foster must navigate the shadow world, twisted scientists and his own past in order to keep the boy safe while winning his trust, nurturing his humanity, and trying to prevent him from giving in to the monster within.

I’ve only read the first issue and that’s all it took. No need for crazy exposition, Foster thrust you right into something wrong. Like Jacob’s Ladder meets Planet Of The Apes, Foster is an easy (not to be mistaken for remedial) read. It’s super intelligent in it’s simplicity and restraint on the parts of the writer and illustrator. Believe me this could have easily have gone over the top with the level of violence and graphic what not, but Foster is a nurtured and delicately woven tale of the human condition in inhuman conditions. Kudo’s to the creators for that. Too many novels try to compete and create something that they hope to sell to movie people, whereas this story knows it’s place and rest comfortably in it’s creators hands (I’m praying). I am in awe of this story and will continue to follow it. Great work all around on the part of the writer and Illustrator. They both can sleep comfortably knowing they have a classic on their hands!

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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