Well this was posted last year so I don’t think this is an attempt to rekindle the fires, that is Blade Runner, especially on the cusp of a potential prequel or sequel, whatever the case may be, but this is some cool shit nonetheless. While you’re watching, pay particular attention to how many years into the future Ridley Scott thought The Blade Runner world took place. It’ll kind of blow your mind. Time and time again directors are always off the mark when it comes to knowing what the future has in store for us or should I say the writers are off the mark. Hanna Barbara (The Jetson’s), Fritz Lang (Metropolis), Robert Zemeckis (Back To The Future 2), The biggest being Walt Disney. He thought he was onto something with Epcot and Tomorrow Land, but it all became ZeeRust (the particular kind of datedness which afflicts things that were originally designed to look futuristic.”) I blame the now late World’s Fair for filling those dreamers with idea’s  like flying cars and robot maids and dumb shit like that, but I guess without those ideas we wouldn’t be where we are now? But it was such a let down when you think about it. I felt like my youth had been raped when I couldn’t teleport into a video game or I found out Hoover Boards don’t exist. I’m sorry I realize this is getting completely off topic, but I had to get that off my chest. Enjoy the video.

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