Being a hit man can be a very complex job. It’s all the small details that as a contract killer, can make or break you (literally). Take for instance knowing who,when and where your “mark” is seems simple, but not for Jason McCarty, a career killer who tends to jot important stuff like this down on wet beverage napkins. In issue one of Trigger Men written by Mike Andersen and illustrated by Heather Brinesh (another Kickstarter success story btw) Jason, (The blondie above) tries to enlist/pull out of retirement, his best friend Matt Whit for a job. Matt who for all intents and purposes is the exact opposite of Jason reluctantly takes the job and voila the hilarity ensues. You got it…the two kinda complete each other.

Like watching The Odd Couple and Gross Point Blank, this comedy of errors contains that same Three’s Company what-the-fuckery, that’s essential in any good morality tale. Trigger Men explores the dynamic between two friends, one who has had to baby and coddle the other to becoming just a mediocre assassin and the other who seems the type to use his skill to pick up women instead of getting better. I’m guessing Matt is the more experienced and I refuse to believe it’s the other way around, but hey… you never know. Oh and I’m guessing the one trained the other, but again you never know. Stories like this are not uncommon in the comic book world, but don’t think for a second all the avenues in the proverbial “Prodigal Son” scenario have been completely explored. How far will one go for a friend? At what point do you say “You’re on your own?” We haven’t quite gotten there in issue one, but these life and death choices are most definitely on the horizon for these two as a simple hit turns into the ultimate game of chess. Trigger Men is refreshing in it’s dialogue and art. The writing doesn’t rely heavily on cliche’s and stereotypes. The choice to leave color out of the comic book conveys a level of tension and noir and so far makes it a PG-13. It’s funny…kill zombies and it’s PG, kill human’s and you get a hard R. It’s starts off a bit slow, but the stories picking up. Both character’s are having to come out of hiding and face the world/hometown with all their imperfections. Will they make it with time running out and the mob dead on their heels? I’m guessing yes, but not without their share of bumps, bruises and the occasional bullet wound.

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