My introduction to the music of Woodkid came as a result of the Assassin’s Creed:Revelations trailer, in it they used Woodkid’s song Iron. Iron was a perfect pick for this dark promo. It’s hypnotic with tribal drums and droning lyrics, providing one hell of a backdrop to that intense trailer. Not being one to stop at a game trailer, I looked up the real Woodkid video on google. The original Iron video, which I posted below with the new one Run Boy Run, is directed by Yoann Lemione who I later found out also sings under the name Woodkid. My G-d this man has the life I want! This French 2d illustrator turned big time video director/singer song writer, grew up in eastern Europe before moving to London to study motion graphics and illustrations. In addition to currently working on an album he’s directed several video’s for artist like Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Mystery Jets and Yelle. He’s the very definition of artist. Something you’ll notice right away about the themes in Woodkid video’s is well…running, beautiful black and white cinematography and an obvious love for history spliced with a bit of fantasy especially in Iron. In his latest Run Boy Run, a little boy is running, to where…don’t know, but he’s joined by monster like figures who seem hell bent on helping the lad conquer the world with his toy sword. The above picture is the boys destination. The proverbial Ivory Tower. The video cuts off upon their arrival so we don’t get to see what happens next, but perhaps we will when Woodkid releases his album with that dvd accompaniment and graphic novel. One can only hope.

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  1. The songlyrics are beautiful. A boy who still lives as a child, in adventures, fantasy and imagination, an epicness that only a kid can live, since this society drives you away from dreams, dragons and epicness. His way to live is gonna be preserved only by running, he must escape, he[s got to run from all that “growing up” shit, that-s nothing else but “dying by become as everyone else”. He will be able someday to face people with his own truth, to prove them how to really live.. but not now, hes just a kid… soon he will be a strong man, but for now, its time to run, and even if it doesnt feel heroic or warriory, sometimes a hero is a hero when realises that he cannot win, for now, so, run.

    In the video, the mythical creatures come to aid him, as his imagination and inspiration help him in moments of falling. Only this way he could achieve his goal.. getting into that city. probably his goal, a symbol of a new world OR something we are gonna see soon in the next video. ITS FUCKING NICE!!

    1. Very well put…I kinda just thought it was a cool video, but I got caught up in the cinematography. I think you’ve nailed every point the director and musician Woodkid was trying to make with this amazing video. All of his videos seem to have this level of whimsy and rebellion to them. Hopefully Moma in NY will do a show featuring all his work…he is truly brilliant! Thanks for the insight!

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