Nothing cooler than seeing a interstellar  traveler with a motorcycle  helmet on…very Electric Avenue. This new video for Starcadian’s single “Heart” is directed by Starcadian & Rob O’Neill. All the visual effects were done by Starcadian as well. The story follows some pinball jockey who built himself a starship out of props left from a Lazer Tag commercial. He even included his copy of Thexder on his 31/2 disk. With these tools and a B.O.C-esque soundtrack he jettisend himself into cosmic space where at the end of his travels the director visually professed his love for 2001:A Space Odyssey and thus the traveler was reborn…”My God It’s Full Of Stars.” Enjoy!

Starcadian – HE^RT (Official Music Video) from Starcadian on Vimeo.

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