I checked out PROMETHEUS on Monday and was blown away “visually”. If you haven’t seen the film yet…see it, visually it’s the next level. Story wise… well I have questions, but that will have to wait another day. Today we talk about the unsung heroes of Hollywood. The sound technicians, they are 100 percent responsible for your viewing pleasure and yet most don’t even know or care for that fact, but they are who inspires you to buy that surround sound for your living room or makes you feel like your in the middle of a gun fight. They’ve been working in 3D since the beginning, but 3D doesn’t want you to know this. Did you know that there was no live sound recorded on the Lord Of The Rings movies? In fact 90% of the films sound, including dialogue was all recorded in post (after principal photography). You would never know and why would you? The idea is to get the crowd not to notice. If they can do that they’ve done their job. Case in point The Dark Knight Rises. When the first trailer got shown to a select audience in IMAX people complained that they couldn’t understand Bane (Tom Hardy) and that his words were muffled. That’s when sound has failed. Personally I think Chris Nolan wanted to see how long he could go with that until folks just couldn’t take it. No way they listened to Banes voice in the sound editing room and were like “that’s awesome!” Course Christopher doesn’t pay them for their opinion. Fast forward a month down the road and all of Banes dialogue has been redone making it more clear. Creative choice? Yes, but you gotta know when to say when. Exec’s probably put a bit of a cinder up under Chris’s ass to make that change and voila. That was a long story, but it was to illustrate a point about the importance of sound…IT’S EVERYTHING! Any first time director that spends more on the camera and DP than on the sound guy and his equipment is a fucking fool. Bottom line.
The following clip goes behind the scenes of PROMETHEUS and shows us what goes into creating worlds with sound. Among those interviewed are Supervising Sound Editors Mark Stoeckinger and Victor Ennis, Sound Re-recording Mixers Ron Bartlett and Doug Hemphill, Sound Designers Ann Scibelli and Alan Rankin, and Sound Effects Researcher Charlie Campagna.
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