First off a healthy knowledge of the Icelandic language would probably help, but I’ve never found it necessary to enjoy Sigur Ros. I’m not so much into what they say as I am into how their music makes me feel. Sigur Ros just released their 9th album Valtari on May 28 and not a minute too soon. My life could use some Sigur Ros right about now. The first video off the album “Eg anda” I wasn’t a big fan of, thus the reason I didn’t post it along with this one. Not to say I didn’t get it, but it just didn’t do it for me. Not epic enough for who they are. Varuo, however is the purest form of expression I’ve seen in awhile. This is Sigur Ros, make no mistake. My original plan was to try and decode what you are about to see. Try to give you guys a step by step of what I believed was happening in this almost science fiction postcard looking masterpiece. I can’t. That goes against everything about them. I think I was right the first time in that you must feel Sigur Ros, being able to associate an image with their vast music is a perk. They are first and foremost unbelievable musician’s, plus if you watch any of their other video’s you’ll notice that same level of effortlessness in the story telling. They are the closest thing to modern art in our time. Let me stop talking and allow you to loose yourself in this bit of whimsy.

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.


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