In true retro indie hipster fashion a.k.a out of fucking ideas. Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) is teaming up with Martha De Laurentis, wife of the late producer Dino De Laurentis to breath new life in a much anticipated remake of Barbarella. With a Logan’s Run remake starring Ryan Gosling already in the works and Nicolas set to direct, it would appear he’s on a snatching up vintage science fiction films rampage. Here’s to hoping he has the kind of moolah that goes along with “rights” retrieval. Personally I think Roman Copolla would have been a better man for the job, especially after seeing his Barbarella-esque movie CQ. I don’t know…you tell me. I’ve posted a trailer for his film CQ along with the original Barbarella trailer below. I understand it’s a re-imagining and not a remake, but I still think Roman would’ve been the man for the job.

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says Refn will direct and executive produce the series (though it’s not clear if he’ll direct episodes beyond the pilot) with the widow Laurentiis also acting as an executive producer. It was her husband who produced the original film (which has had a remake in the works for years), and now she’s continuing the legacy on TV. In fact, it was the married couple who grabbed the rights for a remake back in 2007, but the project never got off the ground, and seems to have been even more stagnant since Dino’s death in 2010.

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