Here’s when I’m gonna be that guy and post some shit a day late and a dollar short, but sometimes it bees that way. This trailer doesn’t veer to far outside the realm of typical plots, but this trailer is still something to behold for an under 40 Mil budget (I said that like a real dick…sorry). Directed by Andrew Will (Act Of Valor) and starring Neal McDonough (Captain America) the story follows a robot/human with a past.Thrust into this mechanical world he’s chased down by his creators as he tries to put them kibbles and bits of what’s left of his former life back together. It’s already been mentioned on other sites how the robot looks a tad like Hellboy’s “Abe Sapien” and not being one to judge I wanted to see for myself and yes it did, but again I needed to see more and then the Assassin’s Creed blades came out and it was over. So no points on conceptual design, but maybe they’ll succeed in the script department where the costume failed. I think what’s cool is that he moves like a human so immediately your invested in this Robocop-esque story. All in all the trailer is fun and eludes to a much bigger storyline. No release date yet.

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