I was talking about this last night with friend and fellow writer Sam Schoen, how music is the driving force of all art. It propels us to biblical levels of creativity.Then I get this message from my other good friend Kieth Carunida on Facebook. It’s a link to this mind-blowing short that I posted below of a Praying Mantis in various levels of…praying? Super macro closeups of insects all battling in their instinctual way, for world supremacy set to some of the most sinister dubstep I’ve ever heard. The video is a true testament to the human endeavor. The level of patience, on the part of the creators, is amazing and all for a few minutes of footage. You see what the right music will inspire us to do?

“Prie Dieu” (Pray to God in french) is one of the designation in France for the praying mantis.
Welcome in a world where insects are connected to a divine power by threads until they decide to commit the sin and break this link. No insects were hurt during the shooting, all the threads were done during post-production.
Canon EOS 550d, lens : Zeiss Makro-Planar 100mm f/2 ZF
Canon EOS 60d, lens : Canon MP E 65 mm f/2.8
Lumix GH1, lens : Voigtlander Micro 4/3 Nokton 25mm f/0.95
Amon Tobin – Surge (16 bit remix)
Written by Amon Tobin
Published by Just Isn’t Music
(P) Ninja Tune 2011
Licensed courtesy of Ninja Tune
Gregorio Allegri – Miserere
sound design
Several tracks from Isam album by Amon Tobin.
Gaétan Di Muccio for his help on the shooting.
Directed by Cokau · Achille Coquerel and Thomas Kauffmann

Prie Dieu from Cokau on Vimeo.

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