After discovering this song, I wanted to write a short piece on it then I came across Jazy Jeff’s article and I really can’t think of a much better way to express the opening title track to Deadmau5 new ep ‘The Veldt’featuring Chris James. An addictively smooth song with a relevant theme dedicated to one of Ray Bradbury‘s great short stories. Another testiment to the literary reach of the recently deceased author. Find the track and Jazy Jeff’s article at SPORTILAB. I’m looking forward to the ep’s release on June 25th on iTunes.

“The Veldt” originally published in 1950 is about a family who moves into a fancy new home retrofitted with latest technology.  This technology provides the family with everything, from cooking to cleaning to a futuristic nursery.  The nursery is a large room, in which the children can connect to the room telepathically to create any place they imagine. After the parents realize that there is something wrong with this way of life they decide to leave.  The children, who are completely addicted to their nursery, beg their parents for one last visit.  Then the children proceed to lock their parents in the nursery with lions they created.  The kids realized that the only way to continue their stay in the nursery is to kill their parents with the lions.

Story By Hugo Schoen

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