Oh kids these days. That’s right I said it cause I’m grown…now hush up while grown folks is talking and listen to this “haven’t got anything better to post” of a video. Being a Florida native Kitty Pryde (a name taken from a Marvel super hero) is about what I would expect to see coming out of Daytona Beach, Florida. This lucky charm looks like she floated in on a piece of driftwood. Spittin sleepy-ass rhymes, Kitty went viral about month ago with with her song “Okay Cupid”, but now she’s back with a oxycotin-meth induced track called “Orion’s Belt“. No one has a clue anymore in the record business do they? She’s the new Kesha, riding high on a slutty wave of wine coolers and Salvia. Do you think the record industry is even run by adults anymore? Maybe theirs a boardroom full of naked babies on bath salts signing contracts and chewing on life saver gummies, cause this shit is getting out of control and here I am about to post this shit. Not my finest hour. Lawd forgive me.