As part of a new series M.I.T.N.G wanted to reach out to artist of all sorts and and ask them “What music moves you to do what you do?” It has always been M.I.T.N.G’S mission statement to bring you movies,graphic novels,illustrations, but most of all music. Cause we believe that music is the force behind most works of genius and today’s featured artist is an example of this.

Looking at graphic illustrator Peter Gutierrez’s accomplishments, it’s easy to see that this is a man of music. From his street art inspired pieces, mondo posters and retro fitted joints, this Orlando native (my hometown) is someone who’s clearly allowed music to be his muse. We reached out to him by email a couple of days ago about this and got back an amazing response. We were all blown away by the range of tunes that gave life to his work. Everything from Slipknot to some I regrettably had no idea who they were. But that’s the reason for this series, to open us up to some new shit in the hopes that you might be turned on and thus allowing you to perhaps break through some of those creative or personal walls. This is what Peter had to say on the subject.

I listen to an array of different things, though my collection probably isn’t as diverse as other people.  While I’m drawing or designing I like to listen to music that either has a nice, fast rhythm, or some heavy guitar work, it pumps me up.  Songs like “30/30 150” by Stonesour or “Coming Down” by Five Finger Death Punch are good examples of songs that give me that, knee-twitching, head-banging energy – which makes art-making more fun, especially since I like to work with particles and make things look sort of explosive.  Some of the other heavier bands I enjoy include Tool, A Day To Remember, Breaking Benjamin, 10 years, Red, some Deftones, some Slipknot, Saosin, the list goes on and on.  If you look at my Spotify, I have 4 playlists, titled Headbreak, Intermediary, Cinematic, and Totus.  Headbreak is where all my metal, nu-metal, post-hardcore stuff goes, it’s the second biggest (Totus, is the biggest as it’s everything in one).  I don’t drink coffee that much, so I try getting some of that hyper energy from palm mutes and fast drums.  Intermediary is where the more alternative stuff goes, like Muse, Placebo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Circa Survive,  some Murder By Death, and more.  Some of the songs here can get heavy, but they are mostly lighter songs, serves as a nice balance from the heavier stuff.  Cinematic, as you might’ve guessed, consists of movie scores.  I really enjoy Hans Zimmer‘s work, the quieter songs from the score from Inception sort of push me to concentrate a bit more.  Sometimes,when I have something that’s been just assigned to me that’s due in a couple of hours, I like to listen to Dave Sardy‘s “Estasi Del Anima” from the Zombieland soundtrack.  Most of the stuff I listen to is dark in mood, but every now and then you might catch me listening to Daft Punk or Alesso. I would sum up my listening habits as a rock rainbow with little bits of film scores and electronica thrown in.  

Wow! Peter’s catalog is pretty huge. Definitely scored points with me on The Deftones shout out. When I think of an artist at the helm, visions of a person at a table with their tongue out and pencils behind their ears come to mind, but now an artist, especially those in the digital realm, are able to create and listen to music seamlessly. No messy pens or erasers to deal with. No getting up to switch CD’s. This means a whole new style or at least approach has been created in which the artist can jack in and turn on to whatever sound they like, fine tuning it to their desired specifications and allowing themselves to become and create. Thus the music and the artist are one. M.I.T.N.G would like to take this time out to thank Peter for allowing us to pick his brain. Below you will find examples of his work along with links, in addition we’ve included youtube videos of some of the artist he mentioned. This is the first in what we hope will be several interviews about the effect of music on art. If you enjoyed what you’ve read please comment and let us know. Thanks again!


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