Good God this keeps getting better and better! RUST Vol#2: Secrets Of The Cell, gives us much more of the character “Jet”, but just enough to keep the story moving along this odd robo-scape. This mysterious person does the whole lone samurai thing well. Working hard, staying on the down-lo and protecting the family that has so graciously taken him in. I’m beginning to understand the writer Royden Lepp’s m.o.d. here. You can’t talk about war without social commentary and he cleverly does it without spoon feeding it. In doing so he somehow paints an odd vision of Americana. Oh it has “some” of the nations usual whistles and bells, but it also has an eerieness that he’s a wizard at illustrating. What he’s really good at and I failed to articulate in my review of RUST Vol#1 is that Royden plays the drama up well. There are scenes in Vol#2 that will blow your mind, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m a former film student, but it lends itself heavily to super panoramic cinematography. Each frame of action literally isolates you in that picture. You only care about what the writer wants you to care about. Royden is a player/seducer of sorts when it comes to his abilities to give you a since of isolation and loneliness of it’s characters and how they must overcome insurmountable odds in such solitude. He let’s you know that war has placed them in desperate times regardless of how long ago it was…and that the scars from a conflict that has ripped them apart still remain. I’m trying to give you a review without giving too much away and all I’m coming up with so far are descriptions of how this book made me feel. But what I will say is this, the writing is great at not bogging you down with too much back story, but what back story there is, although somewhat cryptic, is easy to follow and interestingly plot heavy. As a reader I am good with what Royden drops in each issue. He’s taking his time…like Pygmalion with his statue. Jet’s life is unfolding before us and what waits at the end will be amazing no matter how terrible it might be. The stakes are higher now that member’s of Roman’s family have been separated due to this technology run a muck and now that a new character from Jet’s past has been introduced it seems that the sins of the father have finally come home. Don’t be an ass and find out about this book when the movie hits theaters. Do yourself a favor and pick these volumes up now!

Rust is currently being developed as a feature film at 20th Century Fox with Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class) attached to produce and Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) attached to write. A digital iOS app, Royden Lepp’s Rust, is available now for free download on the iPad, featuring behind-the-scenes content and exclusive production materials.

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