It’s because groups like Beirut exist that I haven’t given up on music. These boys deliver the gypsy melancholy like no other. Romanticism,death and a level of cynicism abounds in their songs. From the lighthearted East Harlem to the less lighthearted Sunday Smile. Their music reminds you that it’s alright to be dramatic, it’s okay to drink wine and most importantly it’s okay to relax and enjoy the first two thoroughly.The Rip Tide is the latest single off of their new album entitled The Rip Tide. It’s a brilliant video. The director Houmam Abdallah does a magnificent job of capturing the solitude and the grandeur in this boats trek across vast seas. It’s truly a work to behold.

The debut music video from director Houmam Abdallah combines the real with the surreal as we follow a wandering boat into a world where art and nature merge. The new video for the title track of Beirut’s current album, The Rip Tide was inspired by Salvador Dali, Georges Seurat and JMW Turner whose glorious use of light and colour is evoked in this nautical adventure. DoP: Simon Pinfield Producer: Elaine Britton Script Editor: Ruby Ocean DIT/Camera Assist: Hugh Campbell Lead Flame: Ilia Mokhatareizadeh 2D operator: John Price 2D assist: Siro Valente, Brad Wood, Milo On set 2D supervisor: Graeme Turnbull Editor: Daniel Budin Assistant Editor: William Barnett Colourist: Houmam Abdallah Post-production producer: Sophie Hogg Phantom: Steve Price (Love High Speed) Set Design: Max Frommeld

Beirut ‘The Rip TIde’ from Houmam Abdallah on Vimeo.

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