Some of you who have been following me and my taste in music know that I like Tanlines. Listening to them reminds me of listening to waves at a beach or gazing into the most spectacular screensaver on your computer. What I’m getting at is it sends you and more often than not your destination will be loaded with cool people who love to dance. Their voices contain that youthful male resonance that such bands as The Beach Boys, Depeche Mode or their True Panther label mates and equally impressive band Deloreon have made long careers out of. Only they keep it really close to calypso so therein lies the reason I feel like I wanna go surfing every time I listen to them. Soundcloud is still my source for finding out about new tracks that have been done by these Brooklyn (REPRESENT) musician’s. Tanlines latest album Mixed Emotions is available on itunes.

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

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