God I love writing about people I respect. Pat Grossi a.k.a ACTIVE CHILD is a powerhouse! Creating sexy landscapes utilizing his background as a choir boy and his skills in electronica and harp playing then blending them together in an almost new agey/dance/r&b/80’s hybrid. “Johnny Belinda” is the fourth track released off his debut 2011 album  “You Are All I See“. Since purchasing his album Active Child has not left my playlist rotation and judging by the amounts of remixes of his songs in circulation he seems to be inspiring others as well. It’s easy to listen to music you know comes from a well verse background, but enough about that let’s talk about this visually stunning video. Shot over a stormy season in Australia, video director Dylan Wiehahn  does what he does best…using that panoramic lens to display the scope of the music being heard. Dylan’s love for nature abounds in all his works…

Taken from his website:

My work usually focuses on nature, trying to capture its elusive mood, light and colour. I run a visual production business, Spring Pictures where we use natural beauty to sell natural experiences.

“Sell” is not the word I would’ve chosen, maybe “manipulate by way of some of the most spectacular visuals you’re ever likely to see”…much better. Among his clients Love Migrate, Young Magic, Northeast Party House and Mosman Adler just to name a few. He’s even created a film company called Spring Pictures who’s mission is to use the natural image. Taking a page from the Peter Jackson book of film making, Spring Pictures offices are located in his home of Australia. Maybe he hopes to one day create something big there (film wise) like back in the seventies with the Ozploitation films. However I imagine tamer works than those of his predecessors. You can’t create unless your inspired and this is a perfect example how music once again brings out the best in us all.  Enjoy!

Active Child – “Johnny Belinda” (Official Music Video) from Active Child on Vimeo.

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