One of the best graphic novels of the 21st Century would have to be Vertigo Comics Y:The Last Man written by the ubertalented Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Pia Guerra. This Hugo and Eisner Award winning series has been eyed by Hollywood for a movie adaptation for years. It even had Shia Labouf (Transformers,Wallstreet 2) attached to play the lead and D.J Caruso (I Am Four, Distrubia), but to this day the film remains in limbo. Then along comes this young sprite Christian Cardona who’s cleverly skirted copyright issues to bring his vision of Y to the fans in hopes the web will be as generous to his project as they have for others like the Mortal Kombat Legacy series on Machinima. As with all fan based films this one is geared for the fans which means if you don’t read Y then you might want to at least cop that Vol one TPB cause you might be a little thrown off by this first valiant effort.Overall great execution by the director. Are some of the actors cheesy? Maybe a little, but you know as well as I they won’t make the cut. That being said it still stands as one hell of a demo for Christian and one hell of a potential pitch.

Based on one of the most critically acclaimed comics of all time. A mysterious plague has wiped out all men on the planet, and women are left to pick up the pieces of society. The only surviving man is Yorick, an amateur escape artist who is the key to the continual survival of the human race. Special Agent 355 is tasked to protect his life at all costs. Luckily, she’s really good at her job…

IGN and Drake 1129 Productions are proud to present this new short film, made by super fans of the comic. It covers the initial plague that kills any mammal with a Y chromosome (except Yorick and his trusty monkey companion, Ampersand) and an awesome fight between Agent 355 and a fanatical group of Amazons.

Directed and Written by Christian Cardona
Produced by Kent King and Christian Cardona

Yorick………………….Travis Quentin Young
Agent 355…………….Kent King
Hero……………………Rebecca Marshall
Roxy……………………Vida Guerra
Victoria………………..Traci Dinwiddie

This fan film is not endorsed by or affiliated with DC Comics/ Vertigo, Warner Bros Studios, or the original creators of the comic, Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra. You should read the original comic though — it’s really, really good.

Song: Rise
Artist: DJ Adam 12 (Performed by Chole Leighton)
Download it here: http://soundcloud.com/dj-adam-12/rise

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