The V Motion Project


My Guitar Hero band set has been gathering a bit of dust.  I refuse to get rid of it, though, cuz I feel I may need to rock out a bit in the future, lacking the true ability of musicianship and laziness to pick up a real instrument the Playstation is my only outlet of release.  I haven’t done any spinning on DJ Hero.  Is it fun?  I boycott Dance Dance Revolution, although, some will probably tell me it’s like going to a Dead show.  That all being said, this V Motion Project looks like it may kick my ass.  Can you imagine having this setup at a house party?  Or at a bar, mixing it up with karaoke nights?  I’m in.  It will be just another beautiful opportunity for me to humiliate myself.  What is dubstep?  Who cares, I’m a rocker, but I still wanna wave my arms and kick and attempt to create some mean tracks, at the very least make some people laugh.  Check out this video, though, because even if you don’t want to add this to your weekend I doubt you can say it’s not intriguing.


Published by Samien Schoen

A fan, and promoter, of the graphic novel artform. A lover of life and song. A dreamer of incredible and alternate realities. A witness to the dedication of an open mind.

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