Tom Hanks’ new animated webseries ‘Electric City’ releases today!

I don’t know much about this webseries other than that Tom Hanks produced it and is voicing the main character.  That is enough for me to take a peek.  Probably enough for most of you as well.  It is being aired exclusively on

Here are some details pulled from Yahoo:

co-writers/producers Josh Feldman and Bo Stevenson

Twenty episodes averaging five minutes each will be released over  three consecutive days, starting July 17th, exclusively online

Citizens of Electric City are rigidly controlled  by the sort of governing body that requires applications to allow  childbirth.  More than anything, energy consumption is heavily  monitored.  Resistance movements attempt to illegally tap into the main  system and even begin creating something like wireless.  They are dealt  with swiftly and with deadly force by those in control – who happen to  be a knitting circle of nannies.

Traffic is currently pretty high, may have some difficulties during peak usage hours.

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